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Our Story

How did it come about that we started our little handmade soap shop...

Long story...

Being a mother of 4.

3 boys: Junior, Justin and Alex

 and  step daugther  Natacha our house was always pretty busy.

To add to our hectic house, my youngest was a preemie and had quite a few allergies and intolerances, one of them being sensitive to any and all cleaning products including SOAP. ( One of them had to be lucky and fallow in his mothers and grandfathers foot steps )

Be it... laundry soap, shampoo, body wash or just a plain bar of soap, keeping him clean and rash free was a great challenge. 

As he grew older, wanted to try all the new cool things on the market.

Live and learn was my approach raising my children. 

This said, his intolerance to cleaning products came to a point where the rash looked like burns and all medication cremes prescribed for him no longer helped.

A few years ago, as a young adult, he realized that maybe he should ask mom what she did to manage outbreaks. 

And this is where our story begins and how Cléroux Inspired Soaps came about.

As a stay at home mom till the kids were all in school, I decided to go back to work.

Having studied in the field of Cosmetic and Hairstyling, taking interest in the properties and benefits of essential oils and naturel products, I had than opportunity to manage a cosmetic department at our local pharmacy, allowing me to continue my passion of learning. Yearly courses and seminars with different companies help quench my thirst of learning about all the new ingredients, there benefits and properties. 

Cupelling what I learned with memories of making what we called everything  soap with my grandmother, using left over bacon grease and fat from pork and beef she had cooked all week for our ``After Sunday mass ``family lunch, I managed.... after a few missed batches... to come up with the perfect blends of oils and fats that make cleansing, luxurious, creamy, hydrating, soothing, bubbly recipes. 

Our Staples line reflects these and are our go to bars when flair ups occur. They are made with all naturel ingredients that help sooth the itch, irritated, cracked skin.

Our specialty soap.

My girls ( I include my daughters in law in my girls) , friends and family, love to challenge and inspire my creative imagination. If I can visualize it... I can make it...I always say,  so they keep my mind busy.

Having vegans in the family some recipes had to cater to there needs and in doing so I have been able to overcome a lot of the challenges while staying true to my all naturel vision and soaping some designs.

Then came the big name store.... The girls loved there new products but did not like the price tag. 

Jolene was very quick on asking if I could recreate some of the bath items that she loved  sooooo much.

I accepted the challenge with a few conditions.

I would not create anything that would require synthetic ingredients, they had to be from sustainable farms and sold in Canada.    

The challenge was met, all our bath products are made with oils, butters, salts, essential oils and fragrance blends, botanicals, soy and bees waxes sustainably farmed and from Canadian suppliers.

I must say I did recently give in..... Some of our glitters and mica`s are both from Canadian and USA suppliers. I could not justify using non biodegradable glitter when they are now available (made from eucalyptus leaves) in the USA.

Our little family affair blossomed and now here we are.

                                  Cléroux Inspired Soaps

Naturel Handmade in small batches soaps, bath products and accessories. 

Thank you to my girls 

Jolene and Jessika for the help you girls lend in our family affair

Anik and Natacha : my testers.

I am sure no one has washed bathtubs as much as they have. The grandchildren love the bath bombs and bubble scoops. I can assure you none of our products stain the tub, they have been well tested by:

Ethan, Regan, Gabrielle and the twins Mr. Charles and Mr. Fred

Ann my little sister for all her Inspiration 

Joy (sister from another mother) and Lorraine .. My mature testers, and helpers. For all you ladies and gentlemen that do not like floating botanicals in you tub. Well thanks to Lorraine our tea bags were created. You get the benefits of the essential oils releasing from the botanicals in the warm tub water without  `the floaters``

Joanna a newly found friend. Without her help Cleroux Inspired Soaps would not have flourished for this site would not be possible. 

Thank you.... too you all for supporting our small family business.